What is a global village? Definition of global village

A global village is a concept based on technology so that all the countries of the world get benefits, like a village. It is an information and communication technology-based environment where all the people of the world are able to live in a single society and provide services to each other. The main concept of the global village is that the whole world is considered a village through electronic communication.

What is a global village

The term "global village" generally refers to a concept where people around the world are connected to each other through easy transportation, mass media, and electronic communication and gradually become a single community.

What is a global village?

A global village refers to a modern world in which we are closely connected to each other using the Internet and telecommunications. Now we can communicate with our loved ones from any part of the world at any moment. Just as we live in a village where we can easily get to know each and every person in the village, Global Village has turned our world into such a village that now we can easily exchange information and do business from any corner of the world.

Global Village is a concept where people are interconnected and become a single community through easy transportation, mass media, and electronic communication.

Today, the global village allows us to interact with people instantly and receive or exchange information. We don't think about distance, cost, or time because it is a useful tool to connect with others.

Who is the father of global village?

This concept of "global village" was first mentioned by the Canadian philosopher Marshall McLuhan in his book "The Gutenberg Galaxy" in 1962. For this reason, Marshall McLuhan is called the "Father of the Global Village." 

Marshall McLuhan defined the global village as the world becoming smaller through technology. People can exchange, communicate, and obtain information no matter where they are or what they are doing.

The following mediums have made significant contributions to the formation of the Global Village:

  • Hardware 
  • Software
  • Internet 
  • Data & Information 
  • Human knowledge
Hardware: In a global village, the first thing needed is the proper hardware for communication or information sharing. Hardware in this context includes computers and related hardware, mobile phones, audio-video recorders, satellites, radios, TVs, and other devices associated with information and communication technology.

Software: The importance of software in establishing the global village is huge. A collection of instructions written in a programming language to solve a problem is called a program. A collection of programs is called software. In addition to hardware, various programs or software are required to form a global village. Some types of software are operating systems, browsers, communication tools, etc.

Internet: The Internet is the core of the global village, allowing people to securely exchange resources and access a wide range of data and information. Secure information exchange is the foundation of the global village. The convenience of the Internet is the main reason behind the concept of a "global village." The growth of several communication systems like Facebook, Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp has been facilitated by the widespread use of the Internet.

Data & Information: Data is the term for input that is processed to produce a specific output or result. On the other hand, information is the form that data processing provides for meaningful data. In the Global Village, people can exchange information and data for free or for money as needed.

Human knowledge: Since the Global Village is essentially an information-technology-based system, its implementation requires the awareness and capacity of people to use information and communication technology infrastructure. The execution of the global village is impossible without the ability to use information and communication technology infrastructure.

Advantages of Global Village:

  • Books can be read online at any library.
  • Business can be done by sitting at home.
  • Earnings can be made by outsourcing from home.
  • The efficiency and speed of human work are increasing.
  • Very easy to learn about different countries and their cultures.
  • One can communicate with any person anywhere in the world.
  • Information about any country can be known instantly by searching.
  • You can take advantage of the services of world-famous doctors at home.
  • Newspapers from different countries around the world can be read from home.
  • Text, audio, and video can be exchanged anytime, anywhere in the world, via e-mail.
  • The whole world has come under the hands of man. Distance doesn't matter anymore.
  • Knowledge can be gained by collecting necessary information from various educational websites.
  • You can get an education from the famous educational institutions of the world while sitting at home.
  • Products can be bought and sold at home. Businesses are expanding and transactions are becoming easier.
  • Different types of software, freeware, and necessary materials can be downloaded and collected from the Internet.

Disadvantages of Global Village:

    • The possibility of a cyberattack.
    • Unemployment may increase.
    • People's privacy is being violated.
    • Dissemination of information can create chaos.
    • There is a possibility of data theft through Internet hacking.
    • Physical problems caused by excessive use of technology, etc.
    • The theft of credit card information threatens the e-commerce system.
    • People can read something and accept it as true without verifying its authenticity.
    • More time spent on the Internet can increase the number of virtual friends compared to real friends.
    • The theft of bank and financial institution information can happen. Debit and credit cards can be fraudulent.
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