Drone Entrepreneur Definition, Meaning, and Example | Who is a drone entrepreneur?

The entrepreneurs in this group demonstrated traits such as a refusal to take advantage of opportunities to improve their production methods, even if their profits were lower than those of similar producers. Even though they may experience losses, they are unwilling to change their current production process.

Drone Entrepreneur Definition, Meaning, and Example
Drone entrepreneurs do not like to change. They used to conduct business using their traditional production infrastructure. These entrepreneurs bring dignity and tradition to even the most outdated practices. Even though they are suffering losses, they are happy with their current business model and do not want to change.

Examples of drone entrepreneurs: Traditional industries, bamboo industries, and Traditional food producers.

What is a drone entrepreneur? Or, who is a drone entrepreneur?

A drone entrepreneur who refuses to take advantage of opportunities to change production methods, even if it makes significantly lower profits in comparison to other similar producers. They may suffer losses, yet they remain unwilling to change their current manufacturing methods.

These are the entrepreneurs who are unwilling to change. Drone entrepreneurs might also be characterized as conservative. In other words, drone entrepreneurs prefer to use their conventional ways of production.

Meaning of Drone Entrepreneurs: 

  • A drone entrepreneur is someone who refuses to accept any change.
  • Refusing to take advantage of opportunities.
  • Prefer to use traditional manufacturing methods.

Characteristics of drone entrepreneurs: 

  • Do not accept innovation.
  • I'm not in the mood for change.
  • Blindly following conventional method.
  • Keeping the business confidential.
  • Considering traditions to be more important than profits.

Drone entrepreneurs at a glance: 

Drone entrepreneurs are unwilling to change because they are extremely conservative and do not want to make changes in their businesses. They are satisfied with their current business model and would not like to change, even if they're making losses. These entrepreneurs prefer traditional production methods because they dislike making major changes to their businesses. Most of them have simply offered the same services or products from the beginning of their business until now.

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