Characteristics of the third generation computers

The period from 1965 to 1971 is considered the third generation of computers. This generation of computers has integrated circuits (ICs) that contain many semiconductor diodes, transistors, and other electronic components. As a result, the size of the computer becomes smaller, the price decreases, the power consumption decreases, and the work speed and dependability increase.

Characteristics of the third generation computers

The 3rd generation of computers started using integrated circuits (ICs) instead of transistors. Small-scale integrated circuits (SSIC) and medium-scale integrated circuits (MSIC) were used in this generation of computers. These computers used time-sharing operating systems and programming languages like PASCAL, FORTRAN, etc.

Characteristics of third-generation computers:

  • Uses of integrated circuits (ICs).
  • Uses of Semiconductors.
  • Introduction of the mini-computer.
  • Improved performance and reliability.
  • Widespread use of high-level languages.
  • The use of magnetic disks for data storage began.
  • This generation of computers started using keyboards for input and monitors for output.
  • These generation computers are smaller in size than the first and second-generation computers.
  • Computers from this generation were used to perform multiple tasks at the same time through time sharing.
  • Examples of some third-generation computers are the ICL 1900, IBM 360, IBM 370, ICL 2900, PDP-8, etc.

Advantages of third-generation computers:

  • The use of IC would generate less heat.
  • The cost of electricity would have been much less.
  • Computers were much cheaper than in previous generations.
  • Computers are much smaller and more portable than in previous generations.
  • The performance of this generation of computers was much higher than the previous ones.

Disadvantages of third-generation computers:

  • Air conditioning was required.
  • The structure of this generation of computers was much more complex than the previous generation.

The overview of 3rd generation computers:

The use of integrated circuits (IC) began in the 3rd generation of computers. ICs have reduced size, cost, and power consumption, etc. ICs also facilitate computer speed and reliability. The development of ICs has enabled the entire central processing unit to be organized into a single chip. The use of monitors also started in this generation. The operating system was developed to a new level, and high-speed line printers were used.

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