Characteristics of the fourth generation computers

The fourth generation is considered to have started in 1971. This generation of computers is made with LSI (Large Scale Integration) and VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) microprocessors and semiconductor memory (Semi-Conductor memory). 

Characteristics of the fourth generation computers

A small computer consisting of a VLSI microprocessor is called a microcomputer. In 1977, the microcomputer took full form. In 1981, IBM company started manufacturing the first computers for business purposes. 

In the fourth generation, the microcomputer started. As a result, the size of the computer became smaller. Computer speed has also increased. In this generation, computer memory was invented, such as ROM (Read Only Memory), PROM, and EPROM. The C programming language, as well as the DOS, Windows, and Unix operating systems, have begun to be used in this generation of computers.

Characteristics of the fourth generation computers:

  • The emergence of the microprocessor.
  • These computers can work very quickly. 
  • The size of these computers is very small.
  • Computers of this generation generate very little heat. 
  • Printers, speakers, etc. are used for output along with the monitor.
  • This generation of computers requires very little electricity to run. 
  • Magnetic disks and later optical storage began to be used for data storage.
  • The cost of manufacturing and maintaining computers is lower than in previous generations.

The advantages of fourth-generation computers:

  • There is no longer a need for air conditioning.
  • The cost of electricity is further reduced. 
  • The amount of heat generated is greatly reduced.
  • It is possible to get reliable results more quickly. 
  • Computers are now less expensive than they were previously. 

The disadvantages of fourth generation computers:

  • Advanced technology is required for manufacturing LSIC and VLSIC.
  • The architecture of this generation of computers is much more complex than the previous generations.

Overviews of 4th generation of computers:

The 4th generation of computers made use of high-level technologies such as VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration). Microprocessors were used to make microcomputers, which were then called "Personal Computers." They are lightweight and easy to transport from one area to another. Because of their small size and shape, they can be managed to be installed on a table. This generation of computers is much more reliable and user-friendly than previous generations.

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