Advantages And Disadvantages of Computer

The wonder of the modern age is the computer. A computer is a machine that runs automatically. By using this technology, we can simplify our routine tasks. Currently, the number of computer-based jobs is increasing. Whether at home or outside, computers are everywhere. The impact of computers on today's world is huge. People use computers for various tasks. Goods are bought and sold through computers—online studies, tickets, online shopping, all kinds of official work, etc.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Computer

What is a computer?

The word computer comes from the word "compute," which means calculation. That is why computers are also called calculators or calculating machines. Computers can do calculations very quickly. Also, accounting-related activities are completed by computer. Computers can store, retrieve, and process information.

A computer is an electronic device that processes instructions given by the user and executes them as a result. In simple words, the computer takes the data given by the user as input, processes that data, and finally shows the processed data as output to the user.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer

Advantages of Computer:


A computer is a computing device capable of multitasking or performing many tasks simultaneously. In addition to solving mathematical calculations, computers are capable of performing many types of tasks such as scientific research, data storage, education, and telecommunications. 

Research Work: 

You can use the computer to find answers in any field. By using a computer, you can store data, make accounting calculations, and present any data through a computer. Scientists use computers in their research.

Educational field: 

The computer has provided many benefits to students in the field of education. 50 percent of people in the world now acquire educational knowledge from websites. Currently, educational courses can be completed online.


Another advantage of computers is the use of multimedia devices. On multimedia devices, various types of applications or software can be used for things like watching videos, multimedia classrooms, playing games, and so on. 

Advantages of the Internet: 

One of the biggest advantages in discussing the advantages and disadvantages of computers is the Internet. You can be connected to every part of the world through the Internet. You can talk and chat on video calls with friends and relatives at home and abroad through the Internet. You can also search the Internet, watch videos, take classes, and play games. The Internet is considered the greatest computer facility.

Data Storage: 

A large amount of information can be stored on computers. Many large companies store their marketing information on computers. Big companies store their marketing data on computers. Even the sensitive information of customers is computerized for safekeeping. As a result, the company does not worry about information.

Online Commerce: 

Almost 60% of the world's people use computers for online business. They use computers and the Internet to buy and sell their products. Doing business online has become easier and saves time as well. There are many websites that offer discounts to their customers for purchasing products. As a result, customers are moving more online to purchase products.


By connecting many computers through a local area network (LAN), different types of calculations can be performed on different computers based on the same data. 


All the information that is given or input into the computer can be done by itself. A computer can automate this processing.

High Speed: 

Computers are no longer just calculators. Today's computer plays an important role in people's lives. One of the top advantages of computers is their high speed, which allows people to complete their tasks within seconds.

Disadvantages of Computer:

Harm to health: 

Long-term use of computers has negative effects on the eyes. The eye muscles are strained, which results in eye damage. Also, prolonged use of computers can damage both the neck and the brain. So those who use computers for a long time need to rest at least every 30 minutes.


There are many people who use computers to do negative activities. They hack people's credit card numbers and sometimes steal information from big companies.

Viruses and hacking attacks: 

A virus is a destructive program, and hacking is unauthorized access of which the owner is unaware. These viruses can be easily spread through email attachments, sometimes even from USBs, or from an infected website that can be accessed on your computer. Once it reaches your computer, it destroys your computer.

Negative impact on the environment: 

Computer manufacturing processes and computer waste pollute the environment. Toxic materials from damaged computer parts are or can be released into the environment.

Waste of energy and time: 

Many people use computers for gaming and chatting for long periods of time. This wastes time and energy. The young generation nowadays spends most of the day using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., which is very bad for their health. Furthermore, these social media habits are negatively impacting social life. 


A computer is an expensive device. So it is often not possible to use it in small organizations.


The people of the past did not know anything about how to use computers. At present, due to their lack of computer knowledge, they are not getting the opportunity to get employment; as a result, the number of unemployed people in the country is increasing. Due to the lack of computer knowledge, they are facing various obstacles.

Despite many disadvantages, computers are very important in our everyday lives. There are both advantages and disadvantages to using computers. So we all should use computers for good purposes. and to avoid the bad aspects of the computer.

Various uses of computers in the present age:

  1. Medical use
  2. In research work
  3. Use through media
  4. Its use in the press
  5. Use of computers in education
  6. Use of computers in banking
  7. In the weather forecast
  8. Online business to business
  9. Use in travel transport companies
  10. The use of computers in publishing is significant

The Future of Computers

However, computers are undergoing rapid technological advancements. Day by day, it is becoming more affordable and has better performance and more capabilities. This will change as human demand increases. It was the size of a house, but now it is absorbed into our hands.

There will come a time when it will be controlled by our minds. Scientists are now focusing their efforts on optical computers, DNA computers, neural computers, and quantum computers. Along with this, a lot of attention is also being paid to artificial intelligence so that it can perform its tasks smoothly.

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